Nick Vena Throws The Shot Put Over 75 Feet Two Times!!!

If anyone has been keeping up with the local shot put stand out, Nick Vena, then you would know that the past 3 weeks that he has progressed as follows:

  • 3 weeks ago: 72.9
  • 2 this weekend: 73.3
  • today (May 10th) 75.9! (another throw was measured 75.1)
How do athletes perform well when they are asked to? It is all about their workout plan.  Manipulations in technique, following a detailed strength and conditioning program, Eating properly, getting the proper rest for recovery and a positive mind set does wonders! What’s crazy about this distance is that Nick trained through the meet and completed a leg workout less than 24 hrs. earlier!
Nick Isn’t done yet, he has a competition this Friday May 13th, State Sectionals, State Championships, State Meet of Champions and to finish his season he may throw the college/international shot put (16lbs) for the first time in a meet situation at the New Jersey International Meet in June.  The plan is… to throw further!

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