Working Out In Afghanistan… No EXCUSES!

There is not excuse not to workout, even if you have Al Qaeda  is sitting in the mountains waiting to pounce on you!  This is Brian who is in the military.  He sent me a few pics a year ago but I never got to post them. Stationed in Afghanistan, they have developed a make shift gym in their ammo dump. They use 55 caliber bullets in their cases as dumbbells for concentration curls, stiff leg dead lifts, lunges, squats etc.

The best part about being in a mountainous region is ROCKS!  They drag and throw them.  Staying in shape may seem like the last thing one would think about when being in a hostile environment, but Brian and his troops realize the correlation between staying fit and living another day.  There is no excuse to not workout! You can’t use “I have no time,” or “I couldn’t get to the gym,” you can’t even use your kids as an excuse! Brian could have a hand full of excuses to use, but he doesn’t…. neither should you!

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