Olympic Trials Shot Put Qualifying Round

If you are a throwing fan than you saw the results… and everyone is probably talking about how Adam Nelson didn’t make the cut!  My heart stopped when his last throw (two prior were fouls) didn’t have enough steam to put him into the top 12.  I still can’t believe it and can’t imagine what he is feeling.  The general warm-up had sunny skies and everyone was looking smooth in the cirlce.  The National Anthem proceeded the general warm-up and that’s when the skies opened up.  The rain was no joke! Within seconds the sunken circles filled with water.  The water on the ground wasn’t the problem… it was the rain making the shot put and the thrower’s necks wet.  It really made it interesting.  Some of the big dogs like Hoffa, Cantwell and Whitting opened up with throws from 19.94m to 19.91m and continued to throw risking injury.  I guess that they continued because of how talented the younger guys were.  Remember they have to place in the top 12 in order to advance to the following day.  Hoffa’s second throw was impressive.  He knocked a 21.22m throw in the pouring rain which reveals how “on the money” he is this year.


  1. Reese Hoffa: 21.22
  2. Christian Cantwell: 20.25
  3. Ryan Whitting: 19.94
  4. Jacob Thormaehlm: 19.81
  5. Blake Eaton: 19.70
  6. Kurtis Roberts: 19.52
  7. Cory Martin: 19.17
  8. Jordan Clarke: 19.14
  9. Rob Golabek: 18.87
  10. Joseph Kovacs: 18.85
  11. Kevin Bookout: 18.82
  12. Eric Wersky: 18.77

So you can see how the rain effected the competition.  In 2008, I believe 19.23m was 12th place and this yerar was 18.77m.  It’s going to be exciting to watch the final tomorrow… will it be the big 3 or will a young buck slide in and take a spot? Time will tell!

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