Tough Mudder Madness

The Tough Mudder made it’s way to New Jersey this past weekend.  I have to tell you that I was impressed with the set up, obstacles and the over all atmosphere of the event.  I didn’t compete, but I sure as hell was pumped to watch!  I went along with my brother Justin.  He has competed in a mud run, but at only a 5k distance and with limited obstacles.  The Tough Mudder was the big dog! Smoke from the fires in the distance, buses shuttling people in from the other side of the state, athletes in costumes, athletes with numbers on their foreheads, athletes everywhere!

Justin’s time was roughly 2:40 of a 12 mile race.  Here is his before and after picture

The after picture makes him look absolutely exhausted but he was fine by the evening as you can see in the next picture of him dressed as the BLACK SWAN for a Halloween party.

There were many obstacles that I found to be extremely awesome. At the end of the 12th mile was the quarter pipe. After running 11 plus miles having to be explosive to build up some sprint speed was nearly impossible. Most people looked like they were running in reverse as they approached the quarter pipe. If you had a team then you were in luck. If not… then you were shit out of luck. From what I saw, not many athletes made it up themselves. Most had help by jumping to a teammates outstretched arms in hopes of making contact. For spectators, this was the place to be. I haven’t let out so many belly busting laughs in years! Plus you could indulge in some brewskies while athletes tried to complete the wall.

Bad ass pictures right? Both of these guys eventually made it. Next onto the one of the many videos I took. This guy makes it up and over also, but not on his first try!

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