Things That PISS ME OFF!!!!

  • Angry-Cat
  • Coaches that don’t track their athletes progressions
  • The Bigger Stronger Faster Program. PURE SHIT!
  • People who perform Olympic lifts like a marathon. If you perform more than 5-6 reps per set (and that’s being generous) your doing too much!
  • People that want a better body, or performance but won’t eat breakfast! A bagel IS NOT FOOD!
  • People who don’t warm up properly! UGH!
  • Coaches who make explosive athletes run 1 mile multiple time a week! NO KNOWLEDGE OF PHYSIOLOGY!
  • Trainers that tell their clients to drink diet soda! ASPARTAME IS HEALTHY?
  • People who don’t static stretch after a workout! Then they complain about having a bad back! STRETCH!
  • People who don’t put their equipment away! DO YOU AT LEAST WIPE YOUR ASS?
  • Kids that have poor nutrition but will take pre workout drinks and other supplements! EAT SOMETHING!
  • People who don’t train legs! Who wants milk sticks? NOT ME!
  • People who say raw milk is bad and you shouldn’t drink milk unless it’s pasteurized. JUST CLICK THE LINK!
  • People who don’t eat fish because it “doesn’t taste good,” or take a daily fish oil pill.  Listen, it’s great for your mind and heart so just TAKE IT!

And exhale! I think I can relax now.

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