Strength/Power/Speed all within 6 weeks?

THis video is not the exercises described below. However, it is me demonstrating some of the programs geared towards speed.

Super Zapped!

The last two weeks I did a dynamic warm up focusing on the mobility of my hips, the lengthening and shortening of the muscles through a repetitive stretch of 15 reps. I followed that with a strength phase. This is what it looked like:

Week 1
Power Clean w/push press 5×3
Back squat (full range of motion) 3×5
High Box Step ups w/one DB overhead (same leg stepping is the same arm holding the DB) 3×5
RDL’s 3×6 (bar touches shoe laces)
v-ups 3×15 (front Abdominals)

Bench Press 3×5
Seated Bench Press on a Hammer Strength Machine 3×8 (pause/release at bottom)
DB Bent over row 1×10/1×8/1×6 Super set w/lat hangs for time
Standing Over head Tricep Extensions w/DB 3×10
Push up hold with Kettlebell drag (10 each way)

Plate Circuit 1×10 each (
Scoop Snatch 3×5
DB Press into Windmills 3×5
Bulgarian Split Squats 3×6 superset w/Box jump on/off land to static hold for a 2 count x 6
Bar sides (rotational abdominals) 3×10 each way

Week 2
This was replicated for week 2 with some drop off in reps and increase in weight total. Some variations of the holding weight was also varied.

Week 3
Speed Emphasis (this workout is repeated exactly the same Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
Hang Clean Pulls 3×5
DB squat jumps 3×8 superset with box step jump ups w/ body weight
DB Flat Bench Press 3×8 Superset with explosive push ups 3×10
Hanging leg raises 3×10
Standing Plate Twists 3×10 each way
Posterior shoulder raise 3×8

Weeks 4 & 5 will be exactly the same as weeks 1 and 2. Yes, that’s the same sets, reps and weight. After that a recovery week will be performed on week 6. Then I change up the movements!

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