Big Throws… “I love it when a plan comes together!”

klown, throwers, shotput, discus, track, field, ncaaThe klown is only seen at the peak phase of training. He torments throwers until they rip a bomb!

klown, throwers, shotput, discus, track, field, ncaa

The klown is only seen at the peak phase of training. He torments throwers until they rip a bomb!

This week has been huge with the HS Track Athletes that I have been working with.

Jada Taylore of Neptune HS: Jada is only a sophomore and ripped a bomb this weekend. At a throw of 134 feet, that puts her #3 in the State. As for the shot put, we are going back to the glide. She doesn’t have an eye to watch her each practice, so it gets difficulty when you can’t get feedback. As a freshman she threw 36.9 feet in the shot put. So, common sense would tell us, she is more mature mentally and physically, so she should be able to surpass that this year.

Tara Daniels of Kingsway HS: Tara is a senior and has been consistently throwing over 40ft in the shot put and over 135 in the discus. She has been following the program to it’s finest details. This is one athlete that will text me about every little thing. It’s a pain in the ass for me to respond in time, but this is the type of athlete who gets better. Currently she is #2 in the State in the discus and #2 or#3 in the shot put. Not 100% sure.

Jason Bryan of Rumson HS: Jason is a junior who threw a personal best this week by 3 inches, tossing the shot over 55 feet! His discus throw yesterday was his 2nd best of all time at 144ft, following his PR of 149 feet. Jason threw the discus around 100 feet last year. He started the season off about the same distance and after pulling teeth to get him to throw, because he “hates the discus..” he has now improved around 50 feet in one year! Sick improvement!

Nick Pulli of West Deptford HS: Nick has been dropping bombs all outdoors. His PR as of yesterday is 58.8feet and his discus pr is 180 feet! He is only a junior and is usually throwing on his own without a coach. Self taught he is!!!! The big obstacle he has is the lifting program he is following. It’s not mine, it’s his football coach’s program. You know the one with the rep scheme ‘12,10,8,6,10’? Bigger Stronger Faster…. it’s a Terrible program for track athletes, and even a worse program when your trying to make a gifted athlete perform it. After this upcoming football season he will be 100% FREE of the dark shadows of the football programming. Yes, this up coming football season! Nick is a junior! With PR’s of 180 (discus) and 58.8 (shot put) at mid season, this only makes the probability greater that he will go 200 & 63+

Vlad Castillo of Montgomery HS: Vlad is a sophomore… skinny as a rail but wired with an awesome nervous system. Vlad’s pr in the discus was 120ft and shot was 47 feet. Yesterday he tossed 133ft and 49.8ft. This is sick because the program he is currently on is heavy with a bit of dynamic movements following the heavy lift. It’s a short cycle and definitely didn’t expect him to throw this distance now. I was predicting it to happen at States/Meet of Champions when the program aimed for a nervous system manipulation. It happened now! So, maybe he will rip a bigger throw than predicted? That will be seen.

Jillian Gallogly of Holmdel HS: Jill had a double PR! She converted back to the glide technique which helped her display her strengths easier. She finally started smacking the discus over 100ft in practice with an awesome none reverse. She just recently started grunting… SHE IS GROWING!!!!!! She is on her way to Towson University. In preparation for college she has also been learning the hammer throw. Last year in July her personal best was 78 feet. She has thrown over 100ft numerous times this year!

Alden Littlfield is only a sophomore and when he started tossing early this spring he was around 35 feet give or take. Yesterday he tossed 41.8 feet! That’s a huge pr for him! Last year with the 1k discus he tossed 116 feet, well, now with the 1.5k he has tossed 124 feet!

Nick Rajoppe of Brick HS is a junior and has been tossing some big throws. His distances were consistently in the mid to high 115-120 feet at a body weight of 150lbs! Now that’s some power!

Garett Pynn of Leonia HS… IM WAITING FOR THAT BIG PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side Notes:
Spencer Ross of Mahwah HS had a great showing by throwing 58+ at Penn Relays.
Stephen Mozia (NJ Resident) won the College Championship with a throw of 63+ at the Penn Relays
Corrine Kominkiewicz (NJ Resident) tossed a nice throw in the discus. I believe she was at 43 meters or so.
There are many other throwers that have performed well from Abe Flore’s group at Monmouth University to Joe Napoli’s group at Georgian Court. It’s amazing to see the performances that NJ has bee unleashing!

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