Rewriting my NORMAL!

It’s amazing how adrenal fatigue can kick your ass! I suffered from adrenal fatigue in 2009-2010 and this is the first year (2013) that I feel normal! It’s great to think like myself again, but what does suck is the amount of strength I lost. Now, trying to come back and regain the strength I had is much more difficult being 33 years old. In the past I followed a 5 week progressive plan with a 6th week recovery, but now I am approaching it a different way.

Week 1:
Tuesday/Friday (Break in week)- was so sore that walking was difficult for 3 days!
Week 2:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday (Monday-Olympic lifts/squats;Wednesday-Upper push/pull/lower-pull;Friday-funday kb/Olympic)
Week 3:
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday (set/rep range for main lifts 5×2/auxiliary exercises 2-3 6×8)
Week 4:
Recovery week- This includes a longer dynamic warm up and low % weights

As I progress all changes but this pattern of 3 work weeks will not go any further! Short micro cycles with a recovery week.

This should work perfectly!

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