Abdominal Challenge!

V-up technique

V-up technique
This is a nice little challenge to add into your workout. THE V UP CHALLENGE! This is the basic concept of it.

You must complete the following routine under the given times:

30 v-ups in 90 seconds
90 seconds rest
25 v-ups in 75 seconds
75 seconds rest
20 v-ups in 60 seconds

Notes: when coming up do not grab onto your legs at the top of the movement. Be strict and disciplined!

Now if you are quit fit then this should be simple for you. If your saying this is way too easy then try knocking off some of the time:

30 v-ups in 60 seconds
60 seconds rest
25 v-ups in 45 seconds
45 seconds rest
20 v-ups in 30 seconds

Want more of a challenge? hold weight in your hands and a medicine ball between your feet. Touch both at the top of the v-up movement!

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