What happened to common sense eating?

organic-eggs-9_14It’s a common theme, “I don’t know what’s good to eat?” Most of us in the fitness industry know what to eat as common sense, but surprisingly there are a huge amount of people that do not have a clue. There are parents that will buy their children fruit snacks thinking that they are actually a good option. This makes me want to pull my hair out. When did society become so dumb that they developed a new understanding of healthy living, when it was already ingrained into our DNA? Why do I have to write this when we should all know this as common knowledge?

A huge misconception is Organic. Lets face it, ‘organic’ has been thrown around so much that’s the word is used and abused! An example of organic abuse would be organic eggs. If you look at the description on the box it says, “chickens are fed a healthy diet of organic grains.” Again, I want to pull out my hair! Organic means, grows directly from Earth without any chemicals or alterations. So, what’s wrong with the statement on the carton of eggs? For eggs to be 100% organic, chickens need to feed on insects, bugs and worms that surround the area they live in. The chickens should be free to roam and eat as they choose. Feeding chickens grains (organic or not) is an unnatural occurrence in the environment (read more here about pasture raised animals). I could also give two shits about grains. I don’t buy into the fiber hype. If you want a healthy digestive system then eat more vegetables! Another food we should stay away from are farm raised fish. They are also fed from an outside source and lack the omega fatty acids which are essential for a healthy heart, circulatory system and brain. Yet, we will pay $30.00 for a piece of Tilapia. Don’t get me started on the milk we drink. You can find more rants about

There is talk that feeding animals a diet full of grains leads their bodies to be more acidic. Acidic body systems leads to disease, so do you want to eat an animal that was living in an acidic state? Let the animals eat the insects or what occurs in their environment. This will provide more nutrient dense foods for them, which will then be past onto you!

Are we catching a theme here? EARTH… Earth provides us the nutrients we need to thrive and survive. When you find yourself shopping and have to make a decision between fruit snacks and actual fruit, what would you choose? ACTUAL FRUIT! If Earth grows it, you eat it! Ask yourself this, “was this food here 2,000 years ago?” If it wasn’t then you DO NOT EAT IT!

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