2015 Summer Sports Strength & Conditioning


Summer Training Session I is here! Only the dedicated will be starting this June 29th at TEST FITNESS in Shrewsbury, NJ.  The reason why I say “Only the dedicated” is that these sessions are 1.5-2 hours long 3 days a week with a 4th day optional! So, how do these days break down?

MONDAY:  Specific Sport Strengthening Movements followed by a Lower Push/Upper Pull lifting program. Each sport has a specific movement patterns that need to be efficient. With proper programming, each athlete will gain an advantage over their competitor!

TUESDAY:  Athlete conditioning followed by Upper Push/Lower Pull lifting program. Last year we did everything from 400 meter runs to 100 meter runs…. not this year!  This Summer season athletes will be performing athletic movements followed by a short 20 meter run.  Short movements that go a long way!  Sometimes on Fridays the athletes will get the gift of lung blasting heart pumping runs, but they will change on a weekly basis.

WEDNESDAY:  OFF be kids for the day/recover from the brutal prior two days!

THURSDAY:  Specific Sport Strengthening Movements (different from Monday), followed by primarily Olympic Movements.  This will be everything from the the Olympic Clean & Jerk/Snatch and all the ways to break down these movements. Olympic Lifts are one of the best lifts that transfer into any sport from the coordination of punting a football or throwing a javelin to swimming.  No sport is left out with the benefits of properly performing the Olympic lifts!

FRIDAY:  This is ‘freestyle Fridays’!   This day will have anything from Strong Man workouts, to HIT (High Intensity Training) workouts, Medball Murder workouts (an intense medicine ball workout), from running to a 100% only dumbbell workout…. it could be anything… that’s the surprise and that’s why it’s “freestyle Fridays”!

SATURDAY/SUNDAY OFF (Sundays will have throwing sessions for T&F athletes for those interested)

COST: $200/month (3 sessions a week w/4th day optional). Payment due between 6/29 & 7/3

Drop in cost: $40 a session

Can’t make any of this but want to follow the program? Programs are 4-6 weeks long and cost $50.00.   The workout can be either mailed or emailed to you.

  • Starts Monday June 29th at TEST FITNESS in Shrewsbury, NJ 07724 (rear building)
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 11AM-1PM

questions? E-mail me at StrengthAthletes@gmail.com or call/text 856-803-8698



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