How to get a teenager to eat BREAKFAST!

It’s a common theme for most teenage athletes to miss a nutritious breakfast.  I have heard all the excuses to “I don’t have time”, to “My mom didn’t make me anything.” Really, within a few years these kids will be on their own in college.  Yes, most will depend on the cafeteria but others will have to take on the responsibility to prepare foods.  Not just any food, foods that will provide them fuel for practice and to knock out that paper they waited until the last minute to do.

I came up with a little contest that I have been running for 2 months now.  My athletes have to send me a photo of their breakfast. This photo gets logged in and ranked into a point system.  Just eating breakfast is a positive, so they get points, then comes the quality of food.  At the end of the month the athlete who has the most points wins a prize.  In September the winning prize was a jug of Earth Fed Muscle’s Chocolate Protein.  This past month was a case of vegan peanut butter cookies by Lenny & Larry.  What I can say is happening, most of my kids are eating breakfast and some are eating an amazing breakfast.  I can’t expect all of them to just change their habits overnight but the little more they do the more successfully they will reach their goals.

That being said…. TIME FOR LUNCH!

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