300lb Clean w/100lbs in chains…

I found this video the other day and contacted the lifter (Dariusz Slowik). I was at first thinking “Who the hell would do this?” After a little research I found that this athlete is an Olympic discus thrower for Canada. Of course, who else would come up with doing an olympic lift with chains attached.

It’s bringing the MEAD HEAD and ATHLETE together in on single lift.

This is a great training exercise for 3 main reasons:

  1. Trains stability- Chains shaking back and forth. It’s hard to perform this exercise with perfect form not to mention when chains are hanging loosly from the sides.
  2. First Pull Speed- A nice smooth pull from the ground sets up the second pull (heavier 2nd pull).
  3. Peak Weight at Second Pull-The great benefit of the chains is the increased weight gained as you perform the lift. The most aggressive part is the Second Pull (or where the bar passes the knees and the hips are driven forward forcefully with the activation of the Posterior Chain- lower back, glutes and hamstrings) and at this point the weight is at it’s heaviest exactly when the lift is at its most aggressive. This allows for an overload at the Second Pull which, is great considering that the lifter did not have to lift 400lbs off the floor. He only lifted 300 (or a bit more) off the ground setting up the chance of attacking the total weight where it counts most.

I Have never seen an olympic lifter do this exercise, but I do feel if you are an advanced strength athlete and your technique is flawless then attempt these types of crazy lifts to help propel you to a new lifting PR. I can see how this will help athletes through platues in the olympic lifts. I will be featuring Dariusz Slowik more in the future but if you want to learn more about his freakish strength go to his website athttp://www.dario2004.com/ .Now, GO  LIFT SOMETHING!

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