Luke Grodeska and Andrew Huisman showing their muscle

Luke Grodeska and Andrew Huisman of St Rose High School in Belmar NJ demonstrated today that they are the relay team to beat. Andrew threw 55 2 1/2 inches and Luke threw 57 7 1/2 inches today at the Mirel T&F meet  held in Toms River NJ.

TRAINING: Luke has just come off a heavy phase and will transition into a partial movement heavy phase combined with speed days. This will set Luke up for a nice jump come the end of January. He currently trains at Critical Mass /Strength Athletes in the Armory in Red Bank NJ. As for Andrew, 55ft is very surprising to me. He has been spinning since June 2015, so I really am contributing his performance today on getting comfortable with the technique. Yes he is getting stronger but I’d say it’s due to him becoming more efficient in his technique. He is in a higher volume phase and just finished his first week which also could be a contributing factor. A 5-7 day positive response to training has been observed in most of the athletes that I train who are detailed oriented in their workouts.

Great results so far!

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