NJ’s Luke Grodeska’s Training…

Lets be transparent, over the last four years I have focused on private coaching the throwing event, the shot put.  In the last 3 years I have had:

  • 1x 64+ thrower
  • 1x 63+ thrower
  • 1x 62+ thrower
  • 1x 59+ thrower
  • 2x 58+ thowers
  • 1x 57+ thrower
  • and a bunch more

Training has always evolved and it actually becomes a bit of a problem for me. I have a boat load of training templates that I never reuse because the athletes I work with have different needs and adapt to different stimuluses.  Some things work for others and some things don’t! It’s always a process of changing exercises that leave me scratching my head. In the end it works out!

This year Luke started coming to the gym rather than just following a program.  In his case this was a smart decision because speed of the weight and proper execution of technique needs to be as close to my liking as possible. Without my eye on his physical being when working it’s like shooting a target in the dark.

leading up to the NJ Meet of Champions I was trying to hit the nail on the head with Luke feeling amazing on that day. Now anyone at the Elite level knows how tricky peaking on the specific day is. He warmed up well at 62ft but in competition only mustered up 60 ft. Okay, so it didn’t work… but all signs pointed to a big throw. The following day he came out to practice (I wasn’t expecting much) and he half turns 58+ and full throws 64…. dammit, we missed it by a day! Well not necessarily, the work was done, the nervous system was ready, but the mind, that was a different story.

Luke worked on his mental aspect of approaching the competition and on my end, I revamped the workouts for the next two weeks leading into the New Balance Nationals. The goal was to increase volume  in wk 1 and severely back off wk 2.  Within these two weeks Luke threw the 10lber 71ft, so i knew he was capable of a big throw.

Arriving at nationals i went right for the coffee. I knew my adrenalin would be through the roof and why not make it more insane with a bit of caffeine?! Here is what happens….

We are currently on the third week of training and doing something new. Again we will back off the week of Penn Relays but I’m not expecting a monster throw. The plan is to have him perform well at the NJ MOC and great at the Junior Nationals!

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