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Well as I have matured in the sport of Track and Field I have become more intrigued by who is clean and dirty. Who gets caught and who rides off into the sunset. Years of competing and being part of the quarterly testing pool have opened my eyes up to the loop holes in USA’s drug testing system. Well, how about the rest of the world? We are all aware of what happened with Russia. That is just bat shit crazy! Now what about the other countries? Are they getting tested as much as the US athletes? How about after their international meets?

This picture below is Andrei Toader’s recent tests from May-July 2016. He tested positive for traces of testosterone from an ‘A’ sample pulled on June 4th 2016.


As you can see he was tested quit a few times but June 4th came back with a positive ‘A’ sample for testosterone. The June 4th meet was held outside of his country and that ‘A’ sample was positive a month and half after the competition.  “How can I explain this?  I think, I’m sure, something was wrong and I think it was for me not to go to the Olympics.” Toader explained that he does have lawyers to help his fight.  He is pushing for a DNA test of the urine that was positive. They plan on sending the ‘B’ sample away to Germany for retesting.  After hearing his story and how corrupt the sports world is, it got me thinking. I’m a gullible dude for anyone who knows me.  I believed a friend of mine when he told me he won a settlement for $25,000,000 when he broke his leg on Exxon Mobile property.  They eventually told me a day later that they were F*cking around. So, writing this I can’t help but wonder if his ‘A’ sample was tampered with.  Then today I saw a video Inderjeet Singh from India, who is now suspended, saying that his tests were tampered with.  I’ve had many athletes from India contact me for programs and one of their questions have been, “when can I start taking anabolics… everyone throwing is using them.”  Are there really this many athletes juiced?

I wanted to know more about Toader, like how he became interested in track and field. He said that his grandfather participated in track and that’s what got him interested.  I think for most of us competing in sport have been influenced by family.   I wanted to know his progression from his first year on but all I got was, “I started shot put at 12 years and for first time I throw 10 meters and second year 14m after that 4kg 18.33m, 5kg 21.70m and 6kg 21.67 before the positive test.”  He has a mark of 22.30m with the 6kg this past July.  His current best with the 7.26kg shot is 21.54m.  That is a realistic throw considering what he has thrown the 6kg.  However is it possible to achieve that distance so quickly, even when you are already a high caliber athlete.  What I do know is behavior and the behavior and choices that teenagers make when pressure is heavy. As the Olympic qualifying deadline drew near his throws jumped.  Could that have been a perfectly put together plan to peak?  I do that all the time, so yeah that’s possible.  However, a jump to 20.54m w 7.26kg and 22+ w the 6kg? I am not 100% positive of his April/May marks but I am sure from what I observed is that the jump was significant.  It can happen though.  Adam Neslon went from 67 to 73 feet. Darrel Hill threw 1.5ft further at the Olympic Trials.  I mean this can happen right?

Toader’s weight room bests are:

  • Squats 250kg
  • Bench 215kg
  • Deadlift 220kg

There was no mention of his Olympic lifts, even though I asked and was very curious.

As I read through our conversation for the last time, I see that they are retesting his other samples.  What did jump out at me was Toader saying “I’m trying to prove who was given me this substance.”  I thought he didn’t take a substance? I thought it was sabotage?  I do have to mention that he said his English wasn’t good.  Toader is young, so if he did consciously take an illegal substance then hopefully he learns from it.  If his sample was messed with, it just adds to the confusion, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  Toader left me with “I am strong and will never give up.”

Adrei Toader’s progressions: LINK



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