Marijuana Olympics

They raised the amount of THC by 10x’s. Which means athletes can smoke or ingest marijuana. They do not suggest using the day of competition because most likely it will exceed the legal limit. Am I taking crazy pills? This can happen? What about the kid who suffers from epilepsy or cancer? ¬†They have to move to a state that has legal marijuana. If a parent dared to give their sick child weed (high CBD) in an illegal state, they could lose their kid and be jailed!

WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) told USA Today “Our information suggests that many cases do not involve game or event-day consumption. The new threshold level is an attempt to ensure that in-competition use is detected and not use during the days and weeks before competition.”

Marijuana contains CBD’s (Cannabidiols) which have a long list of benefits.

  • Anti-Inflammatory & Pain Reliver- say good buy to Advil and Ibuprofen and their stomach irritating, kidney killing properties.
  • Protection of Heart, Lungs and Brain- CBD studies have been shown to decrease inflammation while offering protection for these organs. In fact, the short-term neuroprotective effects of cannabinoids in the brain continue to be researched for purposes of treating concussions.
  • CBDs have¬†antispasmodic properties- these are responsible for calming the muscles and nerves which may have fell into spasm. This could be due to nerve injury, dehydration or muscle strain.
  • Sleep- marijuana can put you into a deep sleep. CBN which is another chemical within marijuana is the strongest sedative amongst the cannabinoids. Good sleep is especially important for athletes in order to recover from workouts.

After listing the benefits of marijuana, wouldn’t it be considered in the same group as alcohol for Archery? Athletes are tested for alcohol due to its calming nature. It’s a depressant that slows the heart and relaxes the muscles. This is especially good when having to shoot at something that’s many meters away. Couldn’t marijuana do the same? They may be random but they are my thoughts.

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