Olympic Performances & Six Attempts

With NBC running the live feeds, I can’t help to have the urge to workout. I wonder, does anyone else feels like that? I mean this is the highest of athletic competitions with men and women displaying unbelievable strength and power. I have witnessed a 180+lb man clean and jerk 477lbs! I have witnessed USA’s Lawson miss the medal stand on his last jump because the tips of his fingers slightly touched some grains of sand as he landed. I watched Harting throw a personal best on his last throw in the discus to take the win and I watched Michelle Carter quietly sneak up on Valerie Adams to snatch away the Gold medal on her last attempt!

It’s important to note the back up against the wall last attempt and it’s importance in bringing out the best of an athlete. Six attempts, if you’re lucky enough to get three more, is a must in this sport. Finals bring about an atmosphere that reaches to the heavens when calling on supernatural performances. That’s what we want, that’s what we need!

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