A Sport With True Power

The greatest displays of human athleticism is truly the throwing events of track and field. The amount of time and athleticism that goes into throwing an object a great distance is almost looked down upon. Most of the time real life or million dollar football contracts take an athlete of his course to be the best. There is no money in throwing a 16lb steel ball unless you are in the top percent of your event. However, anyone who gets involved in this type of sport realizes that it’s not for money. It’s for a personal goal, an Olympic dream or the experience of over-coming your last personal best.

Throwing an implement for distance takes great skill, strength and power. To be a national ranked thrower you must be a powerlifter, Olympic lifter, gymnast and a sprinter not to mention your own sports psychologist. We will not go into that right now. That is a whole other can of worms.

Here is a video of a successful shot putter named Werner Günthör. This video displays his athleticism in a number of ways. Just watch!

He shows great skill and power in this video. Did you see him clean 430lbs standing straight up with it? Very powerful. There is not much on the United States top throwers in way of video showing their lifts but here is a video showing the power and techique it takes to throw a 16lb shot put 72 feet.

When you go to the gym tommorrow measure out 70ft and pick up a 16lb medicine ball. Better yet, go to the strongest guy in your gym and tell him to throw the medicine ball as far as he can, measure it and then you will realize how strong and athletic these guys are.

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