Bulgarian Split Squats

Is it smart to do Bulgarian Split Squats as a Max Effort Movement? It totally depends on how advanced the athlete is and this athlete is in tremendous shape and has done this movement thousands of times.  Alot of beginner athletes will look at this video and attempt to see how much they can do. This is bad for many reasons. Without a proper training foundation to strengthen the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, chances for injuries will sky rocket! It is reccomended to start off this exercise as a body weight movement, allowing your mind, muscles and nervous system becoming accustomed to the exercise. Then, you can start to introduce more loads to the single leg movement. It is essential to do this movement if you want to excel in sport. Just squatting alone will not get the job done. Remember doing this movement doesn’t mean “how much can I do” it’s an assistance exercise the completes the package. So, don’t fuck around and get yourself hurt!

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