Muscle Confusion huh?

P90ox or something like that is not a new concept. It was just unknown to the general public but to those workout freaks, we all knew this and we have used it for years. The sad part is none of us came up with the idea to package and sell it. Keeping the body confused results in significant fat loss and strength gains. However, over a period of time the body will adapt and results will slow. Yes you will adapt! What if this happens to you? This is where active recovery comes into play. 2-3 weeks after hitting a brick wall in your training, you should be performing active recovery. Active recovery is doing exercises that are at low intensity that will allow your body to rest and repair/adapt to the streesors you introduced to it weeks before. What are some ways to perform active recovery?

  • Low intensity cardio session followed by a long self massage/foam roll then static stretch
  • Yoga
  • Low intensity cardio session followed by stretching 7 meditation (my favorite)
  • Easy bike rides or walks
  • Swimming

Structure or workouts should be 3-4 muscle confusion days a week for 3-4 weeks progessively becoming more difficult by the last week. Active recovery week should follow then get back on track with the muscle confusion phase.

Active recovery weeks will allow your body to rest and be ready to go when you start your next muscle confusion phase. Not only will your body be repaired but your mind will have adequate rest thus making it exciting again to go through painful workouts.

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