Milk is the best post workout drink!

Milk… they tell us “it does a body good,” but just because milk is fat free does not make it healthy. Many cows that are used to produce milk are under alot of bodily stress by their living conditions, what they are fed and being pumped up with Growth Hormone. When growth hormone is present (to produce more milk) the cows body fat drops significantly and causes an increase in IGF-1 Growth Factor which is known for turning healthy cells turn into cancerous cells. When the cow leans out, it allows the carcinogens (cancer causing toxins) to be easy transferred into the cows milk..and then we drink it! Haven’t you noticed the increase in cancer rates over the years? It’s from the direct treatment and production of our foods. The pasteurization of milk that we drink every day leads to:

  • Enzymes being destroyed in the pasteurization process. Without them, milk is very difficult to digest. The human pancreas is not always able to produce these enzymes; over-stress of the pancreas can lead to diabetes and other diseases.
  • Lack of vitaimin & mineral absorption. So, they add synthetic vitamin D, known to be toxic to the liver, to replace the natural vitamin D complex.
  • Non-fat dryed milk is added to 1% and 2% milk. Unlike the cholesterol in fresh milk, which plays a variety of health promoting roles, the cholesterol in non-fat dried milk is oxidized and it is this rancid cholesterol that promotes heart disease.

So, how can you get the best out of what you eat or drink? It’s pretty simple. Eat and drink as natural as possible. Eat grass fed beef, drink raw milk straight from the farms. Our ancestors did! What the Earth gives us is nutrient dense foods to form the Ultimate Human Being/Athlete. Man is destructive and when they get ahold of a product they tear it apart for greater profits ($$$). They tamper with the milk so much that alot of people can’t digest it causing them to be on the shitter all day! If They go natural/raw milk you would have no problem!!!!

Did you notice how the cows are just relaxing, eating grass and enjoying their life? This allows the cows to live in a stress free environment allowing their milk to be free of toxins and providing us with the best damn drink on earth! What do you get out of raw milk?

  • Vitamins that have not been denatured!
  • Enzymes that have not been denatured!
  • Energy that has not been denatured!
  • Protein that has not been denatured!

Think of it as this… it’s not the cows milk…it’s Earth’s milk. The reason it’s here is to provide you with the ultimate nutrition drink… THE CAVEMAN’S WORKOUT DRINK!

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