Welcome To Earth…

The recent disaster in Haiti has brought about one phrase that keeps repeating in my mind when watching the news….”Welcome to Earth!”  Earth itself is an organism with many other organisms living within it. It’s alive and we must adjust when she acts up.  So, the earth quake in Haiti took many lives, many people are trapped and working on their last moments, some will be saved but most will not. Now lets imagine that you were there experiencing the quake… If you didn’t get crushed by falling concrete, would you have survived? If your fate was to be trapped and depending on others to get you out… could your mind, body and spirit last till they reach you?  If you were furtunate enough to not be killed, trapped or injured, are you conditioned enough to help others?

Living on Earth is about experiencing life to it’s fullest and surviving as long as you can.  That is why it’s essential to be physically ready for anything that can be thrown your way, an earth quake, tsunami, terrorist attack etc. Conditioning the body and mind through repeatative exercises is essential for survival. Most of the world has become obese, lazy and out of shape. We should be very lucky that the earth quake did not happen here in the United States… Even though we have better structures, deaths would have been extremely high. People dropping dead from heart attacks and strokes would happen by the second.  Haiti has no money, no strong engineered buildings, but what they do have is a survival card. Haitians walk for miles to markets in order to sell or buy food and water. Their daily life activities is exercise… that’s all they do! Did you notice any fat haitains on TV this past week-NO! Do you see bulldozers digging mass graves- NO! You see in shape haitians digging graves. These people, yes poor, are so in touch with their environment that survival is their goal every second of every day. Earthquakes happening anywhere are scarey and lives would be lost, but I know Haiti will survive this disaster- they are designed to.   If it were to happen here on the east coast of the US what would happen to you?  Would you be able to handle that stress or being trapped? Would you survive?  Would you be able to help the rescue effort?


Use your cell phone to text “Yele” to 501501, which will automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund (it will be charged to your cell phone bill), or you can visit Yele.org and click on DONATE)

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