Speed Over Strength? I Believe!

“There is no correlation between the ability to display great strength and the ability to display it quickly.” In athletics there needs to be a foundation of strength. However, as an athlete becomes older the need for speed grows and the max strength is left behind. This is due to the mastery of the sports movement. The greater the skill, the less importance on max strength. So, if you are still in a high level of sport at the age of 27+, I am giving you permission to cut back on the heavy squat days!

The video below shows two exercises performed at my best speed (I wish I was quicker!). The ‘clean pulls’ are actually ‘clean pull to release (135lb).’ So, at the highest point I am releasing the weight. Basically i am trying to throw the weight to the ceiling and of course gravity always wins. The next exercise is ‘push press (225).’ Again I am trying to push the weight as quick as I can. The weight is light, therefore this way of training is done 4+ times a week to keep the volume of reps high enough to keep a positive stimulus. Anything less would have a negative result on throwing distances. The positive about working only speed in the weight room is that your body is never dead. Yes, it may be run down a bit but you will never question if you should practice or not due to sorenss.

This type of training can reach all sports, not just shot-putting.

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