Athlete Knowledge

This Is Not Your Ordinary Student Athlete Guide!

Written By Athletes For Athletes

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40 + Topics Covering:

  • Picking the right school. What school is the right fit for You!
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships. How much can you get? Are there ways to get more? YES!
  • Vaccinations & Health Insurance. Do you know what you need?
  • Dorm Room Checklist! What do you really need?
  • How to contact coaches. When can coaches contact you? When can you contact them…hmm?
  • Dealing with coaches, faculty and teammates.
  • Your weight lifting program.  Why the strength coach knows his shit!
  • Dealing with professors. Do you know how to miss class and still get an A?!?!
  • College Departments and what they are for. Where do you pay a parking ticket or change classes?
  • Night life. How to have fun as an athlete and party like a rockstar without getting in trouble
  • Drinking. Do you know how to drink and still perform at your best as an athlete? If you get caught drinking on campus or off campus, what happens?
  • Sports Nutrition. Do you know what foods and when to eat them, can take you to your peak performance? Timing and nutrients are a must in college!
  • Sports Psychology. You may have been good in high school but this is college. Do you know how to take your game to the next level and rise to the top?
  • MONEY! Most college kids are broke. How can you make money in school to live comfortably, lower your debt or make it disappear completely?
  • And More!

 So If You Want it Then Click Below. Either Way I Have Provided You With Articles Below That Will Give You Tips On How To Be A Successful College Athlete.