Bison Meat

Bison meat or buffalo meat is the meat for growth. Bison meat needs no added seasoning and can be cooked as is, leaving you with a tasty meal. Bison meat contains more iron and protien per serving than beef does. Not to mention a very low quantity of fat. One obvious reason for a low fat content and a greater protien content is because of their lifestyle. Buffalo roam the plain, eat grass, run and are not subjected to drugs or hormones. They are ALL NATURAL! Unlike most of the cattle meat we consume everyday.

So if you are looking to eat lean meats Bison is the way to go. There are many ways for you meatheads to eat this meat:

  • Buffalo meat ball
  • Buffalo steaks
  • Buffalo burgers (love it)
  • Buffalo cheese steaks

Try it. I know you will like it and it will help you sculpt the body you always dreamed of.