Sea Salt

Sea Salt is made when ocean water evaporates, leaving behind christalized trace minerals.  Athletes and those who work labor intensive jobs need to replace minerals lost from sweat.  That is why Sea Salt should be consumed everyday throughout the day.  Now this doesn’t mean to skip off to the nearest ocean drinking the water or thinking a Gatorade or Powerade is going to do the trick.   Instead, purchase sea salt that has absolutely nothing added. The darker the salt the greater the mineral amounts.  Mixing Sea Salt into water or using if for cooking is the best way to absorb the minerals. Never, never think table salt is just as good. Table salt is refined and almost always contains additives (so that the salt will not stick to each other) like Aluminum Silicate.

Sea Salt Benefits:

  • Seas Salt helps further digestion of protiens
  • Keeps overall function of cells healthy
  • Helps remove acidity from brain cells and helps kidneys flush body of acidity
  • Maintains proper electrolyte balance
  • Improves Immune system
  • Increases energy levels
  • Consuming a small amount of Sea Salt prior to bed will induce deep sleep

All of these benefits from Sea Salt are greatly beneficial for athletes to perform at their best. They are also great for overall health which in the long run should be the goal for all of us.