Jon Kalnas’ personal and athletic training is a complete focus on using the best machine ever invented… The human body.  An individual’s body has to sustain years of use and abuse, whether that be providing for your family by working a full-time job or competing in sports.  What ever it may be, the body needs to be developed properly inorder for you to get the most out of life.


Who Is Jon Kalnas?

I am a personal trainer/sports performance coach at Test Fitness in Tinton Falls, NJ.  I am currently an Elite USA Track & Field Athlete.  I graduated from Paulsboro High School as a High School All American in Track and Field and as a member of New Jersey’s currently longest football winning streak of 62 games.  My college education was completed at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ as a Child Psychology Major/Health Studies Minor and finished my carreer as a 3x Division I All American.  In recent years I have continued education in physical education and health, have persued longsnapping at the NFL level (my workout with NFL coach Gary Zauner), competed at the 2008 Olympic Trials and currently training towards the 2015 Track and Field season.

Who Can Train

Anyone looking to better their life experience!  Use your body a certain way, you will feel a certain way.  Change the way you use your body, change the way you feel;  and If you feel differently you will do things differently.  This is where success or failure is born.  When the body has developed the correct rhthym and positive posture with your life, your overall bodily functions are enhanced.  Strength, health, psychological processes, social interactions, sport performance and carreer all will be working in tune with nature!

This dynamic way of training is essential and fun from beginners to the advanced and from beginner athletes to Elite Athletes!

Who Have I worked with?

Andrew Liskowitz: Christian Brothers Academy CBA; (Shot Put 59’11ft, Discus 183ft)- heading to the University of Michigan

Luke Grodeska: St. Rose HS; (shot put 61’7ft, Discus 150ft)

Sean Tobin: St. John Vianney HS; Long Snapper currently- Georgia Tech

Nick Vena: Morrestown HS (shot put 75’10); One of the top 3 college shot putters in the Country- University of Georgia

Hanna Lippert: Middletown North HS; Cross Country

Michelle Mazza: Ocean Twp. HS (Shot Put 43’1ft)

Andrew Huisman: St. Rose HS; (shot put 52ft, discus 148ft)

Jen Mocanu: Middletown North HS; Mount Saint Mary College- currently Playing Professional Basketball in Germany

Jason Bryan: Rumson Fairhaven HS (shot put 62’9″); Currently at Rutgers University

Sean Mirando: Ocean Twp. HS (High Jump/110 Hurdles) –  Heading to Manhattan College

Alyssa Wilson: Monsenior Donovan HS (Shot Put 49’7ft, Discus 153ft). Currently with Joe Napoli WLTC

Nick Pulli: West Deptford HS (shot Put 63, Discus 180+)- Currently at The University of Maryland

James Murphy: Shore Regional HS; Football

Matt Proto: Shore Regional HS; Football

Kelly Altenau: Shore Regional HS; (Track & Field)

Hannah Kose: North Hunterdon HS (Track & Field)

Taylor Rogers: North Hunterdon HS (Track & Field)

Abby Grunden: North Hunterdon HS (Track & Field)

Garret Pynn: Leonia HS (Track & Field)

Jill Gallogly: Holmdel HS (Shot put, Discus, Hammer)- currently a Heptathlete at Towson University

Vlad Castillo: Montgomery HS (Shot Put 56′, Discus 172)

Jada Taylore: Neptune HS (Track & Field) (147ft discus)- on her way to Easter Michigan

Kevin Benson: Toms River North HS (shot put 56′, Discus 172)

Ruthanne Zientek: (Track & Field)

MaryRose Croddick Molyneaux: Peddie High School (Field Hockey)- University of Pennsylvania

Corrine Kominkiewicz: East Brunswich HS (Track and Field)- Dartmouth College

…and many many more!

What Will Happen To My Body?

It all depends what your goal is.  Gain muscle, Loose fat, Train for a marathon, Get in shape for the season, drop a few sizes, or just want to feel better?   What ever your goal may be is what your body will become.  With the proper training, education on nutrition and the desire to change, you will reach your goal.  SIMPLE AS THAT!

Contact information

Critical Mass & Strength Athletes

At the ARMORY in Red Bank NJ


E-mail: strengthathletes@gmail.com
Strength Athletes

Videos of Jon Kalnas In Action:

410lb Olympic Power Clean

NFL Evaluation by former NFL Coach Gary Zauner

66.3ft 16lb shot put throw

Mix Video